Three Year Old's.

When children turn three, their self-control increases. They want to please and are highly susceptible to praise. Their increased motor activities enable them to handle larger objects, and block play usually increases their carrying and lifting capacity and contributes to their building skills. Fine motor development of three-year olds progresses further and enables them to pick up small objects easily and adult grasp is stimulated by using crayons to write and color. Play is still an important part of their development, and unlike two-year old children who are involved in parallel play, the three-year old begins to play cooperatively especially when play is structured by their own imaginations.

Four Year Old's.

As children turn four years old, they begin to test and feel their strength and power. They require climbing tools, ladders, boards, and building blocks to release energy and learn. The four to five year old seeks to satisfy curiosity through the discovery process and our learning environment at Kids In Motion Academy is arranged in a way for them to have the freedom to choose materials provided for both individual and group learning.

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